Pricing is based on square feet measurements before the quilting process.Sharon Hughes Machine Quilting Studio 1 Wedding Star
(To figure out square feet:  Length in inches X Width in inches then divided by 144 = square feet.  Such as 80” X 90”divided by 144 = 50 sq. ft)
  • Edge to Edge (All-Over) $2.50/sq ft (Minimum Charge $50.00)
  • Border Fee added to E2E:  Starts at $35 and up depending on the number of borders.
  • Custom:  $6/sq ft and up (Minimum Charge $100.00)
  • Heirloom:  $8.00/sq ft and up
Longarm machines are industrial machines requiring different threads than domestic home sewing machines.  I provide the threads with a minimal charge
depending on the amount used. 
Basic solid quilting thread is $7.00 per quilt or more if the quilting design is dense. 
Variegated threads do cost more than the solids, but look oh so nice when quilted!
Current Supplies Include:
  • Quilter’s Dream 80/20 Select (Mid-Weight) 93″ wide at $10.00/yard
  • Quilter’s Dream Cotton Deluxe Natural 122″ wide at $16.00/yardHunters Star
  • Quilter’s Dream Wool (cool wash) 93” wide at $15.00/yard
  • Quilter’s Dream Wool (cool wash) 122″ wide at $17.50
  • Hobbs Natural Heirloom 80/20 96”wide at $8.00/yard
  • Hobbs Natural Heirloom 80/20 120” wide at $12.00/yard
  • (Prices may vary.)
If you prefer sending your own that is fine too as long as it is not the thick polyester batting.
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